Friday, June 24, 2011

The Dependable Pen

I have been using Zebra pen's for a couple 18 months now. I refuse to use any other pen. One word explains my reasoning: dependable. I call it "the dependable pen". Catchy phrase huh? Every time I put the pen on the paper, it writes. EVERY stinkin' time! It never fails. If I need to write a phone number down, it's ready. If I need to write a note for someone really quick, it's ready. My Zebra pen is never "not ready". I don't have to worry about it not being ready to go, at the drop of a pin. I would definitely recommend this pen to anyone.

By recommending this pen to you, I obviously think pretty highly of it right? I wouldn't recommend something to you if I didn't have full confidence in it that it would perform to perfection every time. There is an example of this in the Book of Mormon. Mormon is describing the "horrible scene" of the wickedness of the Nephites to his son Moroni. He tells Moroni that he can not recommend them [Nephites] to God because of their wickedness and perversion of all that is good. And in verse 22 he says something that has so much meaning to me, "..I recommend thee unto God.."(Moroni 9:20-22). This one little sentence made me think to myself, "Am I good enough to be recommended to God when he needs me?" Are we doing the things that allow God to call on us when he needs us the most. Will we be ready? We need to be like "the dependable pen" and be ready for use when we are called to serve, in any way!

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